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Build Your Own Summer!

Use DIY skills to plan a special summer.

These are the dog days of summer. That means that all of the projects you put off throughout the winter are still waiting for you. Why not get your neighborhood involved? Get everyone together for a cook out and see what projects are on tap.  Chances are you will see that most folks have a project (or two) waiting to be started and completed. Here’s how to put your do-it-yourself skills to good use.


  • Organize! Get a list of skills from your friends/neighbors. For example, maybe you are a good carpenter but your next-door neighbor is an electrician. Join forces to help each other complete a long to do list of home improvement projects. But where will you store everything? Self-storage is the perfect solution. We have lots of room! Store all of your tools, and other non-food items. Maybe store tables and chairs that you aren’t using right away.


  • Make a list of projects. Assign a manager for each one, and then assess the skills needed for each building challenge. Create a schedule and get everyone to sign on. Decide what size self-storage unit will be needed. Bigger is always better!


  • Plan several parties along the way. You will need to celebrate your success. Plus, by joining up with your friends you might even find that you are having fun. With the heat at record highs, pace yourself on all projects. When you rent a self-storage unit there is no need to rush. Everything will be waiting for you when you are ready.


Consult one of our storage specialists on your needs, and they will help select a unit. Considering how accessible our units are, you will think they are an extension of your home. Summer is in full swing, and we’ve got you covered with a self-storage unit.