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Fall Food!

Can your favorite fall veggies and fruits.

Fall has so many beautiful and delicious fruits and vegetables. Wouldn’t it be great to have pumpkin soup on a cold day in January with fresh pumpkin from October? Or maybe apple cobbler in November with ice cream would be a real treat. How to make this a reality? Invest in canning supplies and get started on a fun and rewarding weekend of preserving food now for later. We’ve got ideas on how to make this work:

• Grab a group of friends and go apple picking! While you are there, find a pumpkin patch, too. Think about how much fun you will have gathering food for the fall. There are lots of other veggies and fruits that blossom in the autumn. Once you have a good supply, let the canning begin!
• Collect jars, lids and labels to make certain you are ready to go. If you get the whole neighborhood involved, there could be a lot of supplies. Rent a self-storage unit and keep all of your non-food items here. We’ve got lots of room.
• Once everything is organized, have a party! Get everyone to bring their favorite recipe and compare notes on what you will make once you have a pantry full of delicious autumn delicacies. Find fall tableware and linens to keep the mood festive. The fun theme will set the tone.
• Now for the main event! Enlist several friends with large kitchens and start canning. Get prepared to fill your pantry shelves with colorful and rich options for many future culinary adventures.

We’ve got lots of space! Consult one of our storage specialists on your needs, and they will help select a unit. Considering how accessible our units are, you will think they are an extension of your home. Fall is here, but we’ve got you covered with a self-storage unit.