Storage Chesapeake VA

Fall Forward!

Get a jump on your activities with good planning.

The changing light and cooler temperatures signal that fall is on its way. Soon, pumpkin patches will replace vegetable stands and shelves will be stocked with Halloween essentials instead of beach towels. Autumn is the prelude to the busy holiday season, so it is time to plot your strategy. Consider renting a self-storage unit for keeping all non-food essentials. You might find that you have lots to keep there. Besides, we know just the place.


  • Halloween is second only to Christmas in the amount of money spent on decorations. It has become a dominant fall holiday with all the fixings. Start planning now for an October celebration and place all non-food items in self-storage.
  • Get a jump on Thanksgiving festivities. Plan your menu, compile a guest list, and develop a strategy for the perfect tabletop. Many stores are having pre-Thanksgiving sales (already!) so you might find the perfect china and linens at a discounted price. This might be the year to mix it up. The good news is a self-storage can come in handy with the overflow. And we have lots of room.
  • How about a fall trip? If you have an RV, this is the perfect time to tour Virginia.   There are an abundance of apple orchards, pumpkin patches and roadside stands, which sell homemade jams and jellies. Why not take it all in?   The temperatures are cooler, and there are fewer crowds at historical locations and amusement attractions. Besides, things will only get busier as the months go on, so you might not have this opportunity again until spring.


Consult one of our storage specialists on your needs, and they will help select a unit. Considering how accessible our units are, you will think they are an extension of your home. Summer is fading, but we’ve got you covered with a self-storage unit.