GAMES and Good Fun!

This winter has been one for the books! Sometimes it seems as if it will always be cold and snowy. We’ve experienced an unprecedented amount of participation, but (thankfully) it is still warm inside. The promise of spring is real, so have some old-fashioned fun while you wait for the warm-up. Here are some activities to get you started:

• Host a board game night for your friends! Ask everyone to bring their favorite game. Maybe even set a vintage theme for the evening. Be ready with all the essentials to make the evening fun. Rent tables/chairs and store them in a self-storage unit. We know where you can find a well-managed and clean unit. Our specialist will help you find just the right size for your needs. In addition, you can store all non-food items in the unit. You might feel that you have addition on your home.

• Have a book lover night! When it is cold and snowy and grey, what better way to chase away the blues than a good book. Invite friends and family and let them vote on what to read. Check out the audio version from the library. That way everyone can listen and enjoy the book. Download the reading guide and pass it out to all attendees. Many people are visual learners and they need help in discerning the premise of a book. Serve snacks, of course!

• Invite folks to an indoor picnic. Encourage them to bring picnic type foods and serve on paper plates. Make plans for when the Hampton area comes alive for spring and summer.

Winter has lingered longer than usual in the Hampton area. Protect your outside cushions and furniture by renting a self-storage unit. You want to make certain that when the warm summer winds return that you are ready!