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Give Back!

This July 4th give back to those who give to us. Every. Day.


Celebrate this July 4th with veterans of all stripes. Maybe an aging Vietnam veteran lives in your neighborhood? Or perhaps the couple next door served in Iraq? Even better, maybe YOU are a veteran.   Our veterans are the reason for our freedom as a nation. Let’s get together and show them our appreciation on America’s birthday. Here are our thoughts on how to make this happen:


  • Plan a picnic and invite all the veterans you know to be special guests. Find out their favorite foods in advance, and prepare these dishes to give the event extra panache. Ask the honored veterans to share stories with the crowd. Make this the centerpiece of the day. Every one will benefit from hearing their experiences of serving America!


  • Put together a parade! Buy flags and banners and everything red, white and blue. Store them all with us until the big day. Stage a parade with veterans riding and walking through the neighborhood. Make flyers to alert the neighborhood to your plan, and ask them to join in. Grab a flag and wave it when the vets come marching by!


  • Rent tabletop supplies, chairs and tables for the picnic. Self-storage is the perfect place to park all non-food items until July 4th. You might find that the extra space is so helpful that you will want to store additional items as well. Who doesn’t need an extra room for party items?


  • Find patriot tunes and play them throughout the event. Maybe someone in your neighborhood has a trumpet? A beautiful rendition of “Taps” would complete the day of commemoration.

Consult one of our storage specialists on your needs, and they will help select a unit. Considering how accessible our units are, you will think they are an extension of your home. Summer is in full swing, and we’ve got you covered with a self-storage unit.