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Ornament Exchange!

Hang out with friends and hang some ornaments.
It. Is. Here. The holidays! It seems like they are coming more frequently these days. But the greatest season of all was recently ushered in by Santa’s appearance in lots of public places. Have you decorated? We have some ideas on how to make this season fun for everyone. Here we go…

• Host an ornament exchange! Get all of your friends involved and ask everyone to bring an ornament (new or old) to give. You can make it a secret exchange or pick names. Find a Santa suit and ask a friend to don it and give the party some extra zing. Have refreshments and make certain there is lots of Christmas music playing. Maybe get the kids involved and have a cookie making contest. You will then have a selection of sweets to serve throughout the season.
• Do you have too many holiday decorations? Maybe your friends and family are in the same situation. Host a “giveaway party” and serve hot cider. Set up tables outside so folks can spread out their decorations. At the end of the event, box up the leftovers and give them to a local charity. They can either sell them or decorate their own spaces.
• Store all of your holiday decorations with us! A self-storage unit is the perfect solution to the overflow of ornaments and lights and wreaths you may be experiencing. You could put everything in clear, plastic containers and label, carefully.

The holidays are here! And we are ready with lots of room for all of your treasures. Don’t worry about buying too much or getting too much stuff. Rent a self-storage unit for all your pre- and post- holiday needs to ensure that everything has a place. You can even leave your RV here. You might want to have it available for some holiday fun and adventures