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Ornament Exchange!

Hang out with friends and hang some ornaments. It. Is. Here. The holidays! It seems like they are coming more frequently these days. But the greatest season of all was recently ushered in by Santa’s appearance in lots of public places. Have you decorated? We have some ideas on how to
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Welcome holidays!

Gratitude and fun and decorating all go together. The holidays are here. This means a lot of fun and even more work to make certain the good times roll. How will you celebrate? Do you have any special traditions? Maybe you like to watch all of the Christmas shows on television? We hav
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Sales Storage!

Store your bargains until you need them. January may be the start of the new year, but the after-Christmas sales are offering last year’s stuff at bargain prices. You might have been shopping and purchased gifts, decorations, trees and other items, but now have no where to store your
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