Tidewater Fall!

Enjoy the seasonal weather and seasonal fun.

Is summer really over? With the persistent rain and humidity, it almost seemed as cooler temperatures would never prevail. But just as sure as spring follows winter and summer follows spring, here we are – FALL. What will you do to make this one extra-special for you and your family? We have some ideas on how to get started. Here they are:
• See the local sites. Develop a list of must-see places within a day’s drive and plan a visit. The Tidewater area has a lot of attractions that appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Virginia Beach is lovely with the autumn light; Colonial Williamsburg has many outdoor programs that take advantage of the mild seasonal temperatures. Why not pack a picnic and bike along the Yorktown Parkway? Who knows what wildlife you might see. Go alone or bring a friend. If you are a photographer, any of these sites would be fun to capture in the diffused light of fall.
• Get in a few last visits to your favorite outdoor restaurant. Whether your taste is down home or gourmet, we are certain there is something you are craving. Winter will be here before you know it and you will have to be inside. Enjoy one more chance to enjoy good food and good scenery. You won’t be sorry!
• Plan a getaway. Maybe a daytrip is not enough, so plan a getaway that lets you relax and really focus on friends and family. You could even do some holiday shopping. We know just the place to store your non-food treasures!
Fall is here which means stocking up on non-food items for the holidays. If you don’t have sufficient room for all of the holiday extras at your home, we are certain to have a self-storage unit to fit your needs. Just contact one of our self-storage specialist for help.